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New Music Video – You Already Know We Up Featuring (Trill Traxx) Young Smoke Dogg, Gullie Beezy and Young Status

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Chocolate Card by Riken Instant Download Signed card inside a sealed bag of chocolates

– The spectator freely chooses a card
– Then signs the card
– The card goes back inside the deck and the spectator shuffles the deck of cards
– Then you pull a bag of chocolates with the signed card inside
– You open the bag and give away the chocolates and the card as a souvenir
– There is a variation with a box of chocolates or any similar box

I’ll show you how to build the gimmick in minutes and step by step instructions to perform this trick and wow your audience and leave them wonder.

THE RESET TAKES SECONDS and you can give the chocolates as a gift and you can use your favorite brand if chocolates.


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歡樂迪士尼 How to Make DIY Bacon Slime Recipe 冰凍黏土 史萊姆製作 手工黏土教學

我是歡樂迪士尼姊姊,我是台灣人但是也在香港住過,所以我的廣東話都是“麻麻地”!我從小就最喜歡拆玩具,驚喜蛋,培樂多 Playdoh,手工製作DIY和真人秀了!希望可以和全世界各地的小孩子們分享我們的作品噢!